Result of June contest 2016 on 3cm

Nice warm weather gave some good tropo and lots of rainscatter.

Also worked  new # JN69(OK2M) on rainscatter and JO72(DL9GBH/P) on tropo.

So now 57 # worked on 3cm.

QSOs: 21
QSO points: 9060
Points: 9060
Average pts/QSO: 431.43
WWLs: 18
ODX : DK1MAX JN58RP 708km

Here a more detailed report from the contest

Here a map of what I worked during the weekend, including 2 UK qso’s after the contest :


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Result of June contest 2016 on 3cm — 2 Comments

  1. Dr OZ7Z-Crew!

    The nice warm and partly sunny weather on the microwave contest gave some good rainscatter qso’s (SCP on JO50).
    A thunder storm around midday breaks my activity on top of the hill, the distance amounts approx. 4km between us.
    I worked also DL9GHB/p (JO72AK) with good signal. After them i called sometimes in your direction, but nothing to log (only small wispers in the noise (maybe thunder strom interferences). Most of my QSO’ s are from the direction southeast (JN99) or southwest (JN59).
    Hope to give you a new Locator field (JO71) in this summer seasson.

    73 de Jens DD0VD

    • Hello Jens

      Yes, it was very fine weather here, and lots of rain south from here, so a very nice contest.
      I wonder why we newer made a qso so far, I have free take off in your direction.

      Hope to work you soon, with some rain between us, it should be possible.

      73 Allan, oz7z

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