Rainscatter May 24

May 24 , we had some nice clouds over JO42. Started working DL6NAA(as usual), he was only 52s, but a little bit later we adjusted to another scatter point and it was 59S. later on a couple other stations were worked. Not many active so only worked 5 stations, was heard(599) by DK5YA, but no qso this time.

24/05/2014 14:29 DL6NAA JO5ØVF 51s 51s 10 GHz CW Later 59S both ways 540
24/05/2014 15:10 DL3IAE JN49DG 51s 52s 10 GHz CW 638
24/05/2014 15:10 DL7QY JN59BD 55s 55s 10 GHz CW Also ssb 644
24/05/2014 15:15 DL3YEE JO5ØLX 51s 52s 10 GHz CW Later 56s 447
24/05/2014 16:40 DJ2QZ/P JO31QX 55s 55s 10 GHz CW via jo42qw later via jo34 366

Number of QSO listed: 5

24052014524     240520141611
15:24                                                                           16:11

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Rainscatter May 24 — 2 Comments

  1. Hello Allan.

    Thank you for the QSO,s. 🙂 A third QSO, we have successfully done in the BBT Contest on Sunday. The distance between us is good. Not too far – not too close. I look forward to further tests with you
    The reflections in the North Sea are interesting. Could it also work on ships? The beacon DB0GHZ i hear almost always. The location is our clubhouse.
    Unfortunately I have no free view of my clubhouse. Only JO34 goes well. Otherwise, there are many trees. Just to any Contest, i’m on the tower in the neighbor near. So it was on Sunday. I’m just using a 3cm Transverter with tripod. We make the time to test longer. Hilsen, Oliver DJ2QZ from Germany

  2. Hello Oliver

    Many thanks for the qso’s.
    If you have some time, you should try to be active the 4′ Tuesday from 19-23 local time, we have the nac contest, I think you will be able to work 3-5 stations from oz.

    73 Allan, oz7z

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