Result of June contest 2016 on 3cm

Nice warm weather gave some good tropo and lots of rainscatter.

Also worked  new # JN69(OK2M) on rainscatter and JO72(DL9GBH/P) on tropo.

So now 57 # worked on 3cm.

QSOs: 21
QSO points: 9060
Points: 9060
Average pts/QSO: 431.43
WWLs: 18
ODX : DK1MAX JN58RP 708km

Here a more detailed report from the contest

Here a map of what I worked during the weekend, including 2 UK qso’s after the contest :


Rainscatter season 2016 started

Yesterday the rainscatter season started here in OZ.
Asked Daniel, DL3IAE for a sked, there were some small clouds in JO42, so a little optimistic. But we managed to make our first RS qso, Daniel were weak here, but soon the signals improved, and I managed to work also DL7QY, DL3IAS, DL6NAA. and OZ3ZW. Also heard DM0UB(JO62), DB0XY(JO51), DB0HRO(JO64), OZ9GHZ(JO65)  and the locals beacons via RS, Here my rs signal at dl3iae

Weather map :


Hearing EME signals with a 48cm dish on 3cm. Part 2

Now time for the second EME test, Wednesday Oktober 28 2015.

Here the setup on the terrace, 48cm Procom dish, DB6NT 3dB NF and FT290

Equipment at OZ1LPR : 2.4m Offset dish, NF = 0.8dB and 250W.


2015-10-28 20.44.05

Today some clouds, so not easy to point to the moon, but after some time I found the cw  signal :

2015-10-28 20.30.45

Now time to try to decode it

2015-10-28 20.32.11

, and I did …  -15dB, my first decoded EME signal, later signal was -14dB.


2015-10-28 20.43.46

So what’s next, will try with a 90cm dish and 15W, now time to make a qso…

Some more pictures :

2015-10-28 20.34.55

2015-10-28 20.30.57

Hearing EME signals with a 48cm dish on 3cm ?

There are two answers, no or depend on who is in the other end !

Last night we decided to give it a try, in the other end was Peter, OZ1LPR. Was he the right person ?

Equipment on my side : 48 Procom dish, old DB6NT transverter NF 3.0 dB, FT290, tripod in the garden

Equipment at OZ1LPR : 2.4m Offset dish, NF = 0.8dB and 250W.

Moon data : Elevation 37 degrees and DGR 0.1 dB

irst we tried with a constant wave, nothing to hear, then we found out that I was using the wrong polarisation, ups, then I had to stand we the dish in my hand, not easy. Then suddenly I saw some trace, maybe noise, Peter moved 200Hz in frequency, YES the signal were moving, I have seen the first signal via the moon !!!

Now time to make some decoding, switching the PC to JT4F, not easy when one hand hold the dish. I saw the JT4F signal on the spectran scope, but no decoding, but the wsjt showed a dt on 2,7 and signal level -17.

We will make a try Wednesday again, have to make some preparations, so I don’t have to hold the dish by hand.

Read about second test

Tropo on 3cm

The good tropo already started Thursday September 28, heard LA1UHG 579 461km away (was heard every day until sunday), but no one active, still need to work LA on 3cm 🙁

First qso worked Oktober 1. Karel was, OK1JKT(545Km), he was 559 but later 59+20, Karel is almost possible to work every day on tr/ap. Also worked G0EWN(IO93) and G4CBW(IO83), 2 new #.

Friday Oktober 2. there was a chance to work GM(new dxcc), so Peter, OZ1LPR and I  went out /p to work gm0usi.

2015-10-02 13.37.29

Peter, OZ1LPR trying to hear GM0USI, but no luck!

Later Friday, I was more lucky, I managed to work GM0USI from my home qth, new # and new DXCC.

Later on Friday I also worked G4ODA in IO92, new # and GW3TKH/P in IO81LS, new DXCC, new ODX (920km), new # and hopefully also first OZ-GW on 3cm.

Beacon(3cm) heard during 1-4 Oktober :

db0ghz, db0hro, db0vc, db0xy, oz1uhf, la1uhg, oz5shf, oz7shf, oz9ghz, pi7alk, sk4bx,
sk6mhi, sk6yh

QSO worked by OZ7Z on 10 GHz
Type of propagation: All Mode: All mode
From 01/10/2015 to 14/10/2015 Distance over: 0 Km.

01/10/2015 13:15 OK1JKT JO6ØRN 559 559 CW TR 545
01/10/2015 17:45 GØEWN IO93FK 559 529 CW TR 755
01/10/2015 20:45 G4CBW IO83UB 559 529 CW TR 815
02/10/2015 14:00 GMØUSI IO76XA 519 519 CW TR 878
02/10/2015 15:38 GW3TKH/P IO81LS 559 559 CW TR 920
02/10/2015 21:04 G4ODA IO92WS 59 58 CW TR 693
03/10/2015 07:26 G4CBW IO83UB 519 519 CW TR 815
03/10/2015 09:10 OZ3ZW JO54RS 579 599 CW TR 108
03/10/2015 09:10 DK2ZF/P JO43WJ 59 59 SSB TR 171
03/10/2015 15:38 OZ1FF JO45BO 57 001 57 001 SSB TR 001 129
03/10/2015 19:35 DFØMU JO32PC 559 002 559 016 CW TR 356
04/10/2015 07:09 OK1JKT JO6ØRN 559 003 559 049 CW TR 545
04/10/2015 11:14 DL6NCI JO41PU 559 004 559 011 CW TR 344
04/10/2015 11:27 PI4GN JO33II 559 005 529 017 CW TR 267
04/10/2015 11:51 DK2ZF/P JO43WJ 59 005 59 011 CW TR 171

Number of QSO listed: 15


JO57 finally worked on 3cm

Anders OZ3Z were going to JO57, to do some EME with OZ9KY team, so I asked him to bring his 3cm portable rig, because I still missed JO57 on 3cm.

First we tried from a hill near Frederikshavn in jo57, but nil, then later he tried from the sea(JO57FE), and we could make a qso, thanks to Anders, OZ3Z and Bent, OZ1DLD for giving me JO57.

Here 2 small videos (from by OZ3Z) from jo57, oz1dld working oz7z.

Rig : Ikea Dish and 1W distance 254Km :