JO34 on 10/24GHz

Today I manage to work my second qso on 24GHz, and what a nice square, JO34WE, active for the first time on 24GHz. Thanks to Reinhold, DL6NAA and Rolf DK2ZF.

Peter, OZ1LPR and I where portable on Dybboel Banke in JO44VV, Peter added a 300mW PA to my 24GHz system, so with 300mW and 48cm dish, DL0AR was easy to work.

Also worked them on 10GHz from home and from JO44VV, with 59 signals.

Here some pictures of the equipment and operators.

2015-06-17 09.31.28Transverter with 300mW add on PA.

2015-06-17 09.32.23View direction Helgoland

2015-06-17 09.31.43Peter, OZ1LPR


2015-06-17 09.31.57Allan, OZ7Z




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