Hermes Lite a new low cost SDR transceiver

Last year I found this new lost cost SDR, Hermes Lite. It’s a low cost clone of the Hermes. It uses a FPGA evaluation kit from Altera,an ethernetboard from Waveshare.

In the meantime I bought a Hermes(used in 2m NAC), but I still wanted to play with this low cost project, maybe not good enought to use in 2m contest with lots of big signals, but would be fine for uW use with a transverter I think. Of course you can also use it on HF 🙂

Here some info :

  • 0-30MHz (HF) transceiver with decent performance (12 bit)
  • Entirely open source and open hardware design
  • Cost of less than $150 (cost includes FPGA board) for hobbyist who build their own
  • Maintain enough compatibility with Hermes to use existing Hermes SDR front-end software with no or minor modification

Look at the Github page and the google discussion group for much more info.

hermeslite121Looked so interesting, that Palle(oz9dt) and I decided to build one. KF7O made the project and made some kit with the most difficult components mounted.

But we came to late, so now we are going to build our own, so we ordered pcb and all the components, and started yesterday to build them, here Palle trying to put the small 0.5mm pitch AD9866 on the pcb :

2015-04-02 14.51.17



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