Hearing EME signals with a 48cm dish on 3cm ?

There are two answers, no or depend on who is in the other end !

Last night we decided to give it a try, in the other end was Peter, OZ1LPR. Was he the right person ?

Equipment on my side : 48 Procom dish, old DB6NT transverter NF 3.0 dB, FT290, tripod in the garden

Equipment at OZ1LPR : 2.4m Offset dish, NF = 0.8dB and 250W.

Moon data : Elevation 37 degrees and DGR 0.1 dB

irst we tried with a constant wave, nothing to hear, then we found out that I was using the wrong polarisation, ups, then I had to stand we the dish in my hand, not easy. Then suddenly I saw some trace, maybe noise, Peter moved 200Hz in frequency, YES the signal were moving, I have seen the first signal via the moon !!!

Now time to make some decoding, switching the PC to JT4F, not easy when one hand hold the dish. I saw the JT4F signal on the spectran scope, but no decoding, but the wsjt showed a dt on 2,7 and signal level -17.

We will make a try Wednesday again, have to make some preparations, so I don’t have to hold the dish by hand.

Read about second test

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Hearing EME signals with a 48cm dish on 3cm ? — 4 Comments

  1. Hi ! nice experiment

    I am nearly ready to listen also with small dishes. So next time try to inform me earlier so I can have a try from IN88HO in Britany. I hope to be ready within one month as I moved my home.

    Best 73’s


  2. Very nice tests ! Very nice results ! Which is the sun noise or moon noise you have with your system ?
    73 de Carlos

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