First 24GHz qso

Today I was out for a 24GHz test with Detlev(DJ1LP), he was in JO43XX with Dieter(DC0LB), I heard DC0LB but no qso.

Then I tried with Norbert(DC6UW), heard him weak, but when he adjusted the antenna, his signal were 59+++, my report was 59, with only 70mW and a 48cm dish, nice for a distance of 60KM.

Here my take off to Norbert in JO44VJ

2014-10-11 15.48.58

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First 24GHz qso — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Allan, I’m sometimes QRV on 24GHz from JO44EW, Island Sylt, but not this time.
    If you are interested let me know. vy 73 de Jochen DH6SBN.
    We had contacts on 10GHz 2 times

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