10GHz Rig

Transceiver : Hermes SDR

Transverters : TR144H +  MKU 10 G3

PA : Elisra 18W (15W out)

Ant : 48cm Procom Disc 9m above ground and 40m asl.

Locator : JO44VW20WW

QRV : On 10GHz Since  may 2013, on 2m since 1977


Some pictures of my my first “fast setup”. And my current setup.


2013-03-17 15.43.35
MKU 10 G3 in a plastic box


2013-04-30 23.18.40
Now added 5W Harris PA and an OZ1LPR PSU


2013-05-26 19.20.49
Now with 48cm Procom dish, clamps mounted on a floor lamite


2013-07-10 15.35.29

Got a new box, with room for bigger PA


2013-12-13 14.03.17
Inside of the box now ready, spend some hours milling.


2013-12-13 14.03.46
Waveguide adaptor for dish mounting


2014-03-19 08.08.33
MKU 10 G3 + 18W Elisra PA and OZ1LPR PSU mounted, and almost ready.


Now ready to make some qso’s 48cm Procom dish in 9m above ground.

2014-06-11 08.22.56


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