I am now qrv on 23cm. Bought a complete system from oz9zz.

Here the system, a DB6NT G2 transverter and a 50 W PA from G3WDG.

23 cm transverter

23 cm transverter.

Antenna is a Wimo 44 element.

Only been qrv in the NAC contest, worked 15 stations, ODX DF9IC, 671 KM.


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2 Thoughts on “Qrv on 23cm now

  1. Juergen, DL5EBS on March 22, 2017 at 19:01 said:

    Congrats Allan,
    my pleasure to be your first contact in JO31 Locator Square on 23cm.

    Juergen, DL5EBS

    • oz7z on March 22, 2017 at 20:51 said:

      Hello Jurgen

      Many thanks for the first of many qso’s on 23cm. 4 new # yesterday and one new dxcc (G).
      Also thanks for our qso on 2m Tuesday, was the operator on OZ1ALS.

      You are more than welcome to join the NAC openclass you can upload your log here and find the rules here.

      73 Allan, oz7z

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