June 26 we had a very nice weather here in jo44vw, 27 degrees. Acording to Hepburn tropo index it could look like good tropo to uk from the westcoast, so I decided to go portable with my tripod and 48cm dish and 5w .

When driving to the westcoast wearing shorts, the temperature was dropping fast, from 27 to only 18 degrees when I arrived just after 20 local time.

After the system was operational, I checked the beacons, strange DB0GHZ in JO34WE, was only 559, last time it was 599, but PI7ALK in JO22IP was 579, so conditions were good.

First I worked an OZ and a PA station, with good signals, then I tried to beam to the west and found G4ODA with 59, yes it was the right decition to go /p, later I found out that the other stations inland also did work into UK later on, so maybe I could have done that from home also… I guess so. But still I had fun out in the cold wind, and a temperature dropping to 12 degress at the end of the contest !

Next time I will try to bring some more clothes, here a map of what I did work and some pictures with a cold operator.

Station worked from JO45ID (Ballum Sluse)


Beaming to UK


Take-off direction UK


A cold operator, and take-off direction N->NE



Is it possible to work 3 cm NAC contest from a boot ?

We know that the antennas for microwave can be very small, but small enougth for a boot ?

Yes, if the boot is big enougth.

I found the big boot about 1 km from my home, it was build in 2017 in connection with the Danish Scouts Jamboree (37.000 scouts).

A cold Marts evening I went out to the boot, with my small 48 cm setup, with only 1 W.

With only 2 degrees, you wont stay for long time, so only worked 5 qso’s (not much activity).

ODX PA0T 283 km, ok with 1 W on flat conditions…

In the NAC uW Palle (OZ9DT) and I decided to go /p, just to test another qth, the place have a perfect take of in most directions, and it is very easy to put up the disc + spid rotator in the 10m Tower. Unfortunately the forest to the North has grown to much, so signals where not so strong from the North.


2015-07-28 21.07.36

48cm dish + 15 W about 72m asl



2015-07-28 21.07.44

The shack with the Icom IC756proII.



Here what we worked,