After my first EME weekend, my good friend Palle, OZ9DT, asked me if we should make a EME system at his QTH, then both of us could use the system.
I very good idea, Palle got a 2.4m dish, but the dish was not ready for use, so we decided to borrow a 1.8m from Peter, OZ1LPR.
We spend some evenings and some concrete to make the system ready for the ARRL EME contest.

Here Palle at the system


1.8m Dish and Egis rotator


Now the system is ready for EME



At the moment we are using my tropo setup a DB6NT G3 and an Elisra 15W PA. The output at the feed about 12W and a NF about 2.3 dB. Next step is to optimize it, we need to have a waveguide preamp (already bought) direct at the feed and some more power.

System used inside : DB6NT TR144 + Hermes SDR.

Here some pictures from inside during the our Sunday





We only had time to be qrv Sunday from 6Z until our moonset at 11Z.

Here the log :

25/09/2016 07:26 HB9Q JN47CG -14 -19 JT4F EME 865
25/09/2016 07:42 UA4HTS LO43MO -12 -15 JT4F EME 2507
25/09/2016 08:42 OZ1LPR JO44UW -12 -17 JT4F EME 17

Number of QSO listed: 3

We did make 3 qso’s HB9Q, UA4HTS and OZ1LPR, we were heard by SQ7D, OZ1FF, PA3DZL & PA7JB all JT4F. Not many stations qrv Sunday on JT, our 12W was to little to work CW.


The weekend is over, so what did I work on my small system (90cm 15W more info here).

2016-05-08 14.13.52

QSO worked by OZ7Z on all bands
Type of propagation: All Mode: All mode
From 05/05/2016 to 08/05/2016 Distance over: 0 Km.

06/05/2016 13:17 OZ1LPR JO44UW -20 -15 10 GHz JT4F EME Best -13 5
07/05/2016 13:35 OZ1LPR JO44UW -14 -15 10 GHz JT4F EME 5
08/05/2016 09:15 OK1KIR JN79DW -16 -18 10 GHz JT4F EME Best -14 634
08/05/2016 09:50 G3WDG IO92RG -17 -17 10 GHz JT4F EME Best -15 742

Number of QSO listed: 4

4 Qso’s, hoped to make a few more, but ok with the small system. I also heard/saw CW traces on if SP6LJW, LA8LF, DB6NT, OZ1LPR &, OK1KIR, Also tried to work HB9Q on JT4, heard him but no qso.

What’s next ?

Will try to make some better setup, with a bigger dish and more power, so see you soon via the moon.


Today I made my first EME qso on 3cm, tried to listen before on my small 48cm dish.

Started yesterday to build the system in the garden, today I tried to hear OZ1LPR on my 48cm, heard him fine with -16.

My rig is 15W and 1.8 dB NF.

Then I borrowed a 90cm Procom dish from Peter, here the setup in the garden :

2016-05-06 14.35.05

2016-05-06 14.35.28

2016-05-06 14.37.42

Now it was time to try a qso, and we did


First EME qso on 3cm :-).

Equipment at OZ1LPR : 2.4m Offset dish, NF = 0.8dB and 250W.

Here a small video, recorded during the qso, the left signal is the EME and the right is tropo(10km).




Now time for the second EME test, Wednesday Oktober 28 2015.

Here the setup on the terrace, 48cm Procom dish, DB6NT 3dB NF and FT290

Equipment at OZ1LPR : 2.4m Offset dish, NF = 0.8dB and 250W.


2015-10-28 20.44.05

Today some clouds, so not easy to point to the moon, but after some time I found the cw  signal :

2015-10-28 20.30.45

Now time to try to decode it

2015-10-28 20.32.11

, and I did …  -15dB, my first decoded EME signal, later signal was -14dB.


2015-10-28 20.43.46

So what’s next, will try with a 90cm dish and 15W, now time to make a qso…

Some more pictures :

2015-10-28 20.34.55

2015-10-28 20.30.57

There are two answers, no or depend on who is in the other end !

Last night we decided to give it a try, in the other end was Peter, OZ1LPR. Was he the right person ?

Equipment on my side : 48 Procom dish, old DB6NT transverter NF 3.0 dB, FT290, tripod in the garden

Equipment at OZ1LPR : 2.4m Offset dish, NF = 0.8dB and 250W.

Moon data : Elevation 37 degrees and DGR 0.1 dB

irst we tried with a constant wave, nothing to hear, then we found out that I was using the wrong polarisation, ups, then I had to stand we the dish in my hand, not easy. Then suddenly I saw some trace, maybe noise, Peter moved 200Hz in frequency, YES the signal were moving, I have seen the first signal via the moon !!!

Now time to make some decoding, switching the PC to JT4F, not easy when one hand hold the dish. I saw the JT4F signal on the spectran scope, but no decoding, but the wsjt showed a dt on 2,7 and signal level -17.

We will make a try Wednesday again, have to make some preparations, so I don’t have to hold the dish by hand.

Read about second test