In the NAC uW Palle (OZ9DT) and I decided to go /p, just to test another qth, the place have a perfect take of in most directions, and it is very easy to put up the disc + spid rotator in the 10m Tower. Unfortunately the forest to the North has grown to much, so signals where not so strong from the North.


2015-07-28 21.07.36

48cm dish + 15 W about 72m asl



2015-07-28 21.07.44

The shack with the Icom IC756proII.



Here what we worked,



In the weekend I was active from OZ1ALS, we were qrv from 50MHz to 24GHz. Here what we worked on the bands.

OZ1ALS – EDR VHF Field Day 2015

Locator: JO44XX

Band QSOs Points AVG
50 MHz 109 134858 1237.2
144 MHz 691 366441 530.3
432 MHz 144 89132 619.0
1,3 GHz 78 54997 705.1
2,3 GHz 14 9496 678.3
5,7 GHz 11 7389 671.7
10 GHz 39 28253 724.4
24 GHz 2 1174 587.0



OZ1LPR, OZ7Z, OZ1LPQ and OZ3KAM ready to put up 8×4 for 144MHz




OZ1DLD is inspecting the 23cm Disc



2015-07-05 14.09.24

144MHz Operator



2015-07-05 14.09.31

OZ7LM as 144MHz second operator(DiscJockey)

Please turn your antennas direction North and get a lot of points and a rare square.

We are QRV on following bands:

50 MHz: 6 el./1 kW
144 MHz: 8×4, 8×4 and 4×6 el./1 kW
432 MHz: 2x26el./1 kW
1296 MHz: 1,2m dish/250 W
2320 MHz: 1,5m dish/200 W
5760 MHz: 1,5m dish/7 W
10368 MHz: 65cm dish/12 W
24048 MHz: 65cm dish/2 W
47088 MHz: 48cm dish

We will monitor the air traffic and hope to make a lot of AR contacts.
Skeds can be arranged by email or DX-cluster/ON4KST during the contest.
To avoid the long delays on the ON4KST chat during contests please use KST2Me. More on