Today I worked 3 qso’s in rainscatter, the fourth day in 2014 with dx rs.

Worked Reinhold DL6NAA in JO50(again), Lorenz DL6NCI in JO50 and Claus DL7QY in JN59. All were 51S and scatter point was in JO51

Finally !

Today 21 April 2014 the RS season started. Good clouds in JO52 and JO53.

At 13Z I did work Klaus, DL3YEE(JO50) for the first time, he was 53S I received 55S, I heard him most afternoon, many times with T9, and worked him easy on ssb with 55.

Also worked Reinhold, DL6NAA(JO50), he were 56s I received 59+, and Horst DL3WW(JO60) for the first time 55S both ways.

I heard the beacon DM0UB from berlin(JO62KK) from 15Z until 18Z, signal up to 54S, but no one else qrv 🙁