10 GHz worked locators

Quick summary of squares worked by OZ7Z on 10 GHz from August 6 2015 ->
Type of propagation: All

IO76, IO81, IO82, IO83, IO93, IO94
JN18,JN19,JN39,JN47,JN48,JN49,JN58,JN59,JN69, JN78,JN79
JO5Ø,JO51,JO52,JO53,JO54,JO55, JO56,JO57, JO58,
JO6Ø,JO61,JO62,JO63, JO64, JO65,JO66,JO67,
JO70,JO71,JO72, JO73,JO74,JO75,JO77,

TOTAL: 68 Squares


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3 Thoughts on “10 GHz worked locators

  1. Dr OM’s!
    Since a good year, i’am now also QRV on 3cm with 200mW (2W PA is bayed) + 48cm Dish – by Procom. My locator field is JO71 and i work, if possible, sporatic on the monthly microwave contests. Hope to work you in the next time and confirm the open Locator field JO71.
    73 and greetings, Jens DD0VD

  2. Jens on August 10, 2018 at 07:26 said:

    Hi Allan!

    your locator map is nearly fullfilled. Thanks for the nice RS-QSO on 3cm.

    73, Jens DD0VD JO71DR

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