10 GHz worked locators


Quick summary of squares worked by OZ7Z on 10 GHz from August 6 2015 ->
Type of propagation: All

IO76, IO81, IO82, IO83, IO93, IO94
JN18,JN19,JN39,JN47,JN48,JN49,JN58,JN59,JN69, JN78,JN79
JO5Ø,JO51,JO52,JO53,JO54,JO55, JO56,JO57, JO58,
JO6Ø,JO61,JO62,JO63, JO64, JO65,JO66,JO67,
JO72, JO73,JO75,JO77,

TOTAL: 60 Squares


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2 Thoughts on “10 GHz worked locators

  1. Dr OM’s!
    Since a good year, i’am now also QRV on 3cm with 200mW (2W PA is bayed) + 48cm Dish – by Procom. My locator field is JO71 and i work, if possible, sporatic on the monthly microwave contests. Hope to work you in the next time and confirm the open Locator field JO71.
    73 and greetings, Jens DD0VD

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